Today PETRO has 14 trucking companies. The group is able to file for its own rates, based on the group's experience, not that of the entire industry.

An opportunity to control their costs,over time, this has proven to be a substantial up front cost savings.

In addition to producing stable and lower rates, the group has returned over $6.7 million in dividends to its members, with an additional $6-8 million in dividends earned, but not yet distributed.

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Who is PETRO?
A Pennsylvania Self Insured Workers' Compensation Group

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In 1994, Pennsylvania modified its
​Workers Compensation law to permit
​​similar companies to band together to self-insure their
Workers Compensation obligations. Ten Pennsylvania trucking companies, frustrated with the high rates and limited availability of Workers Compensation coverage, formed the Pennsylvania Elite Transportation Risk Organization (PETRO) Trust in 1995. Their goal was to use the volume of their collective size to achieve the cost savings of a much larger orgnaization.