Each member receives Statutory Work Comp coverage on a first dollar basis. The group shares in small claims then purchases an Excess insurance policy to protect against catastrophic losses. An Experience Mod is maintained for each member individually. The Members control all of the service providers to ensure the highest quality at the lowest costs. The premiums also earn investment income, which is returned to member companies (versus the insurance carrier) and represents significant dollars.

What is the PETRO program?
A Pennsylvania Self Insured Workers' Compensation Group
2555 Kingston Rd, Suite 260
York, PA 17402
Phone: 717.600.0886
Fax: 717.600.0887

PETRO's 10 year Incurred Loss Ratio is better than most insurance companies.
The PETRO Trust offers members far greater input and control over claims than standard insurance carriers. A dedicated claim adjuster handles all claims for PETRO members and that person works exclusively for PETRO. Because the TPA has limited authority, no claim is settled without the approval of the employer/member. Large claims are discussed by the group with settlement offers decided by vote. Loss runs and claim information are available to members on-line.
While it can accommodate drivers that live outside of PA, PETRO is designed for PA based trucking companies that generate an annual Work Comp premium of at least $100,000. Good Safety programs and the availability of light duty positions for injured workers are required. Membership is based on loss experience, a survey conducted by our safety specialist and approval by the group.